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Forever 21 is an American retailer known for its low prices in women's, men's, and children's fashion, accessories, beauty products, home goods, and apparel. Forever 21 opened its first location in South Africa in 2015; currently it has two branches in this country.

What kind of products can I find at FOREVER 21?

Forever21 offers their customers a full range of products from their various departments. From men, women's, kids and even gender neutral clothing to accessories and footwear, everything can be found in Forever21.


Frequently asked questions about FOREVER 21

When was FOREVER 21 created?

Forever 21 was founded in Los Angeles in 1984 by Do won Chang and his partner Jin Sook Chang from South Korea. At first the brand was called Fashion 21, and it sold only women's clothing but later it started to sell men's clothing; Most Forever 21 stores now carry men's and women's clothing, including plus-size clothing for women.

What brands can I find at FOREVER 21?

The company commercializes its own brand, which is divided into eight sub brands, XXI Forever, Forever 21 Girls, Love 21 Contemporary, Forever 21+, Gadzooks, 21Men, For Love 21, Heritage 1981, Forever 21 Lingerie, Forever 21 Red, Riley Rose; and other well known brands such as Dolce Vita, Ban.do and Happy Socks.

How to save money at FOREVER 21

Forever 21 is one of the favorite sites and stores for buying clothing and fashion because they offer sales every week and special dates that allow you to buy what you need at very low prices. At this very moment there are many sales you can choose from, for example the more you buy, the more you save. Buy 3 sale items and get 30 % off, get 4 sale items and get 40 % off or buy 5 sale items and get 50 % off!!

Who are FOREVER 21's main competitors across the country?

The company’s main competitors are mrp.com, Woolworths, Superbalist, Takealot, among many other fashion and clothing retailers in South Africa.

How to get exclusive benefits at FOREVER 21

Forever 21 offers coupons, promo codes and discounts. Sign up for SMS or Text and receive 20% off your next purchase of $50 or more. Download Forever 21 app and enjoy 50% off on selected spring styles.

Will FOREVER 21 have deals on Black Friday?

Forever 21 offers amazing Black Friday deals and discounts to help you save money on everything you need. Unlock the best offers of the season and shop like an absolute bargain expert.

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Discounts offered by FOREVER 21

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The brochures and catalogs contain the best weekly, monthly and yearly promotions, with offers and discounts available today in stores. To check the updated prices you can also browse the official website online: https://www.forever21.com/