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Home renewal massive savings: Top deals of the week in construction, materials, electrical & more

Home renewal massive savings: Top deals of the week in construction, materials, electrical & more

It's always good to upgrade the place we live, especially if we think it will be our place for a few more years. There are those who rent and plan to occupy a house for a long time, those who enjoy their new home but still need to finish it, and those who want to give a new use to a part of the home.

Everyone can make small renovations to feel the change without moving to another house. Just save on building materials and take advantage of all the promotions offered by South African stores to make your home the best place in the world.

Build it, for example, is a great ally company if you want to make massive savings. There's everything: building materials, electrical, basic furniture, and much more. Keep an eye out for the weekly deals they post so you don't miss out on anything.


electricista-esta-montando-enchufes-electricos-pared-blanca-interior_169016-17794.jpg The screwdriver is a tool that will get us out of more than one trouble. Having it at hand in a more or less universal size or betting on a set of screwdrivers that covers any unforeseen event may be what we need.

There are different types: flat screwdriver, Philips screwdriver, Torx screwdriver, tube screwdriver, Allen screwdriver. Not all screw heads are the same and that is why it is necessary to have a screwdriver that fits in the best way.

If you are assembling furniture, a screwdriver will be your best ally. You don't need to spend a lot. A screwdriver with a simple design will be enough. At Build it you can find screwdrivers for 100 rands.

Tape measure

tablero-medicion-mano-cultivo_23-2147779014.jpg A tape measure is a must in your toolbox as it is essential for any task. You will always need to measure where to nail, open holes or glue pieces, so it is advisable to use a metal one to prevent it from deteriorating.


hombre-creando-gabinete-madera-vista-frontal_23-2148640288.jpg Melamine cabinets are durable pieces, easy to combine and with infinite design possibilities. And attention! You'll be able to use the screwdriver to assemble all this furniture.

The quality of the cabinets will act in favor of the decorative project you want to carry out, and melamine furniture is ideal if you don't want to abuse your budget. They have become the favorite of many for the countless advantages: they offer a fresh and modern design.

At Build it you will find melamine cabinets with one, two and three doors that you can easily adapt to any room in your home. Prices range from 2,925 to 5,000 rands.


trabajador-clavando-clavos-plancha-madera_329181-15646.jpg A hammer is necessary for hanging pictures or hammering nails into furniture. Choose one that has a claw on the other end to extract the nails and a rubber handle, as it absorbs the impact better and makes it easier to hold.

The hammer is used for riveting, chiseling, embossing, flattening, among other tasks that vary depending on the size, material or model.

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