What to know before buying home appliances

Buying demand a good amount of money, but they cannot be missing in the home. We must be clear about what we want and how much we are willing to spend to adapt the purchase to our budget.

Depending on how many members there are in the family or the type of life we lead, we will use more or fewer appliances. Sometimes we get carried away more by advertising or fashion without really knowing what we should really look at to choose the appliances that will be part of our home.

An appliance for every location


Choose the appliance that is best suited to its future location and that adapts to the type of energy available in your home. A TV set for the living room of a small apartment will not be the same as a TV set for a 30-square meter living room or for a summer house where we will only spend our vacations.

The design has a significant influence on the practicality of a home appliance because in addition to giving it a greater appeal it also allows it to be placed strategically in the most comfortable areas.

Energy consumption


Keep in mind that some large white appliances such as refrigerators or freezers are continuously running and consuming energy. So are televisions, washing machines, electric ovens, or air conditioners. That is why you should always consult the information on the energy label to calculate consumption.

Beware of second-hand purchases

Don't buy a second-hand appliance unless you have a guarantee of the actual age of the appliance. In this case, check the general condition of the appliance, make a test run and agree on a warranty of at least one month with the seller, since once in operation you could have surprises.

Another thing is the appliances with some defect or blow in its transport that are no longer sold as new. But if your intention is to buy a new appliance, the best stores to take advantage of in South Africa are , , , and .

Technical service


Although we may not like the idea, the possibility of appliance failure at some point exists. Having a quality service technician is what can get us out of trouble before we enter into a state of despair. The great advantage if we buy a new appliance under warranty is that it is possible to contact directly with the brand of the appliance if it fails.

brings you the catalogs of your favorite appliance stores. Evaluate the different prices and special offers for the month and buy what you really need for your home.

What to know before buying home appliances

The best supermarkets in South Africa in 2022

The list of offers in South African supermarkets is extensive. Most chains offer different discounts almost every day of the week, and in some cases, these discounts mean significant savings on groceries. South Africans are looking to pay less, watch their budget and not make ends meet so tightly.

Stores are well trained to stimulate consumption. To avoid compulsive shopping, make a list beforehand of what you are going to buy and stick to it. Don't get distracted by all those desserts and snacks that are not part of your daily consumption.



This is one of the most popular stores in the country where you can find a wide range of household products from their own brand as well as other local and international brands. It offers its customers quality products at an affordable price.

There are many ways to save money at . You can download the free Spar app to receive e-coupons directly to your phone or register an account on the . Buy any of their items and the discount will be deducted automatically.



Makro sells a wide range of products including, apart from groceries, home entertainment, computers and communication, office furniture, stationery, large and small appliances, hardware, bricks, and perfumery.

At Makro you can save money by taking advantage of all its offers and promotions on selected products. In addition, the company suggests its mCard and mRewards programs, which offer important benefits. The company offers the best deals, quality brands, and interesting benefits for you and your pocket.



Based in Cape Town, is considered one of the cheapest retail stores in the country. At Shoprite, you can find fresh and frozen foods, meats, pasta, cleaning products, and even pet food.

Like all the big chains in the industry, it offers different ways to save. You can register on the official website to receive alerts about products on sale or simply click on the alert icon below the product to receive promotional alerts. Shoprite will email you with relevant offers and promotions.



Checkers was the pioneering chain in launching the grocery home delivery system in the country. At Checkers, you can find a wide range of products ranging from groceries and toiletries to appliances and pet food.

There are multiple ways for customers to save money with Checkers. Sign up for exclusive benefits and savings in the Checkers Xtra Savings Program and enjoy personalized offers. Don't forget to also check out their current promotions and sale offers available to find the lowest-priced items.

Find the latest offers and promotions at and discover all the deals and promotions catalogs there are for you. Take advantage of the opportunity.

The best supermarkets in South Africa in 2022

Renew the look of your room

It often happens in South Africa that we walk into our room and find it boring. It can happen that, after several years of living there, we think that our room needs a change. That's why we've written these tips to help you make the process of renovating your room a whole new space.

Change the colour of a wall

It's time to introduce some colour into your room. Head to a paint shop in South Africa and choose a shade you like. If you're looking to attract a lot of attention, colours like orange or red will really make a statement. If, on the other hand, you want a colour that goes with the surroundings, you can choose from dark blues, purples or opaque shades. Don't overdo it, just one wall will be enough to give your room a new look.

Place shelves with decorative items

Use the walls to display items that add personality to your space. You can choose to buy small shelves from a retail shop to hang some of them and place picture frames, candles or other decorative items on them. Another good idea is to hang paintings that will add a particular style to your décor. There are sets of small pictures with abstract or nature content that will help turn a dull wall into a stylish one.

Introduce plants

There's nothing better than filling your room with greenery and life. If you have placed a shelf, you can put a hanging plant there so that the leaves give volume to the wall. You can also place a monstera or elephant's ear to draw attention and focus the eye. Plants are good for drawing attention away from the clutter. Another great idea is to incorporate succulents or cacti into bedside tables or desks.

Revolutionise the backrest

If you don't have a backrest for your bed, a good option is to use that space to add colour and texture to your room. You can buy traditional backrests that copy the style of the bed from a furniture shop or make your own from wood or textiles. You can also paint the wall to simulate a backrest or put up a shelf to frame the bed space.

Innovate with lighting

Do you have just a boring lamp on the ceiling? It's time to add more light to your room. You can buy some Nordic lamps from a South African shop and add warm light for a lower wattage option. Also, another great idea is to hang garlands of lamps that can easily be attached to the wall and bring a relaxed atmosphere to your room.

Renew the look of your room

The hardware products that will fix your life

When something breaks in our home we tend to get very nervous and turn to professional hands. Houses in South Africa are not always in perfect condition and every now and then we have to carry out repairs. That's why we want to leave you with a basic kit of elements, products and supplies that you should have on hand to solve small household problems.


The first thing you should go out and buy in a retail shop in South Africa is a good glue. Things are always going to break in our homes and it's good to have a glue on hand, whether it's synthetic glue, glue or contact glue. This will give that much-loved cup or saucer a little more life if it does break. It's also good to have glue for repairing lifted woodwork or minor furniture touch-ups.

Tap gaskets

Has it ever happened to you that your tap leaks and you can't live with that noise? This happens because the rubber sealing gasket of the faucet is broken. It is always a good idea to buy some spare parts from a hardware store in South Africa so that you can keep them in a drawer and pull them out when you need them. The less water we waste, the better it is for our environment and for our economy as well. With these supplies you will no longer have any problems repairing your taps.

Repairing holes

The walls of our houses can suffer some problems either by a blow from a piece of furniture or when we want to change a painting. For this you should have putty in your survival kit. You can buy it in any home improvement shop in South Africa and it will help you to cover up those little holes that look bad. It's easy to prepare and dries quickly. Then you'll need to give it a little paint to keep the fix in place.

Combat damp

If there's one problem that plagues everyone, it's damp. Sooner or later we will have to deal with this scourge of every South African home. The first solution is to call in a specialist to check, break and fix the crack that is causing the damp. Beyond that, we can also buy some products at our local hardware store to help rule out this problem. After fixing and painting an adhesion promoter to fix the paint and a water repellent to avoid corrosive actions from the outside.


In addition to glue it is important that you buy a good sealant from a building supply shop in South Africa. These products, which come in different brands, allow you to control those small gaps where taps or toilets leak water.

The hardware products that will fix your life

Improve your weekly diet with these tips

Tired of always eating the same thing, always saying you're going to start your diet on Monday? In South Africa, thousands of people are looking for ways to eat better and have healthier habits. That's why we want to summarise some tips for you to consider when planning your weekly diet.

Cooking over buying ready-made

It is essential that this is one of the clearest rules you have. It is very tempting to order food through an app or to buy pre-cooked food from supermarkets in South Africa. However, it is dangerous for our diet to be based on fast food or bought-in food. That's why you need to be able to take the time to cook as you can buy the products that you like and look good, use healthy cooking methods and enjoy dishes that you make yourself. There is nothing better than knowing what we eat and how we eat it.

Cut down on ultra-processed foods

One key to eating better is to put ultra-processed foods on hold. To do this, it is important to check the labels on the products you buy when you go shopping in a South African supermarket. Many of the foods we select contain ultra-processed ingredients that do not nourish or benefit our bodies. The more real and natural food you buy, the better you will be able to put together your weekly diet.

Watch out for snacking

Avoid temptation! Many times we feel hungry and instead of cooking or eating something nutritious we grab a few snacks from the supermarket and calm down. This habit is very harmful and compromises our nutrition. A good start is to swap these saturated fat snacks for healthier ones such as vegetables or dips made from real foods like hummus or baba ganoush. Although it's best to wait and cook dinner so you don't leave time for temptation.

Vary your meals

Following on from the tips, diversity of produce and foods in your diet is a must. When you go to a supermarket or food shop in South Africa try to shop for a variety of vegetables, meats and pulses. There are many options for mixing proteins and carbohydrates for a better diet. If you don't know what to eat, we always recommend that you visit a nutritionist for guidance and a diet to suit you.

Don't forget to hydrate

Last but not least, always stay hydrated. Drinking 2 litres of water a day is ideal. We know that we often forget, but the more hydrated we are, the better our body will be. You should also watch out for excess alcohol, which doesn't mean that you should stop drinking it.

Improve your weekly diet with these tips

These are the looks for your hair this 2022

Looking for a change for your hair? Going to the hairdresser in South Africa and don't know what haircut to get? This year we will have different trends for all tastes that will surely inspire you. It's just a matter of going to your local hairdresser for a new look.

Bob style

If there's one hairstyle that's here to stay, it's the bob. This cut, all the rage in 2021, will be with us this year in every salon in South Africa. It is a hairstyle that originated in the first world war and from there it spread throughout history. Its original version has a ¾ length that flanks the jawline and highlights the cheekbones. However, this year its reversions in all lengths will be trendy.

Lengths never go out of fashion

Beyond music, Dua Lipa leaves trends wherever she steps. Long hair will also be among the most sought after this year so if you're one of those who like to have hair to style and show off you'll have options. To make your hair look amazing you will also need to buy a hairdryer to set that special polish. We also suggest you look in beauty shops for a firm brush to give it the shape you like.


One of the updos you'll see on the streets of South Africa is the high bun. This choice is largely based on the fact that it allows you to show off your accessories and jewellery. If you're looking for a hairstyle that gives you freedom and is hassle-free, a hairspray that you can buy from your favourite beauty shop will help you shape this hairstyle. You can add a cute hair tie to give it even more personality.

Fringes never die

This 2022 you will have a few fringe options for your South African hairdresser. If you're looking to make your hairstyle stand out you can opt for a baby bang fringe, short to the middle of your forehead for a fresh look. Another style that never goes out of style and is very versatile is the french bang, perfect for all hair types. If you want something more daring, a curtain fringe will allow you to show off in front of an audience.

The colours of the year

For those who want a change in hair colour, this year in South Africa comes with classics and modern. Blonde shades will continue to be on the rise so you can opt for different shades of gold and yellow. Chocolate browns and ash grey will also be all the rage. If you want to revolutionise your hair, a bright red is a great idea.

These are the looks for your hair this 2022

5 places to adventure in South Africa

South Africa is one of the most beautiful places for adventure activities. It's just a matter of going out and buying the right equipment and choosing from the many options the country has to offer. Here are some ideas for your next adventure.

Discover animal life on safari

Who doesn't want to meet the most fabulous animals? The first thing to do is to go and buy some good binoculars in South Africa's adventure shops. Then it's just a matter of choosing the national park you want to visit and checking the road map. Kruger National Park is one of the most popular places for game viewing but there are also other options in the country. It's best to do your adventure with professional guides as you'll be able to benefit from their knowledge and learn about the flora and fauna.

Sea-challenged sports

South Africa's waves are among the most sought-after by tourists and locals alike. There are many ways to enjoy the water. Once you've bought your swimming costume and sports gear in South Africa's shops, head to Muizenberg, Long Beach, Eland's Bay or one of the other surfing beaches. If you like surfing you can always find a good spot on one side or the other of the cape. You can also do other sports such as kitesurfing, stand up paddle, kayaking or windsurfing.

Explore trails and get great views

South Africa offers great hiking trails. Pick up a pair of good shoes from a local sports shop and start hiking some of the country's most stunning parks and trails. Popular options include the Otter Trail near the sea and the Table Mountain trail. For the more adventurous, ideas include hiking the Amphitheatre Heritage Trail or the Lion's Head.

By air

If you want to fill your afternoon with adrenaline there's nothing better than taking to the skies. South Africa has several places where you can jump and tour the country from the air. We recommend you buy some good goggles for your flight and comfortable clothes at a local sports shop. If you're just starting out, we suggest launching from Sir Lowry's Pass or Porterville, while the more experienced can take off from Table Mountain.

In search of the great white shark

One of the most maddening adventures in South Africa is diving. The ocean's wildlife has many species to discover, including the great white shark. Pick up a bathing costume, branch legs and goggles at a local sportswear shop and discover the underwater universe. The most extreme experiences are shark watching in the Gansbaai area.

5 places to adventure in South Africa