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Gelmar is a home improvement retail store in South Africa; customers can find a large selection of kitchen, bathroom and bedroom accessories as well as repair and maintenance tools. The company operates more than 40 stores located in across South Africa.

What kind of products can I find at GELMAR?

At Gelmar you will find adhesive and fillers, moldings, lock sets, sliding doors, window fittings, adaptors, cabinet lights, adjustable legs, sinks, office furniture, lights and lamps, switches and sockets, screws, batteries, floor protectors, power tools, bathroom accessories, handles, dish racks, utensils, wine holders, veg baskets, and many other items!


Frequently asked questions about GELMAR

When was GELMAR created?

Founded in 1935 as “Electrical Appliances”, by Albert Geldard and Theo Perlman, the company began selling imported electrical components to the motor industry. Mr. Perlman´s place was later on taken by Mr. Maynard Marias and subsequently the company change its name; from Electrical Appliances to Gelmar, the names of Mr. Geldard and Mr. Marias. When Albert passed away, the company was inherited by his son Bob Geldard by 1971, and gradually broadened its activities to become kitchen and furniture specialists.

What brands can I find at GELMAR?

The company commercializes its own brand and other local and international brands; among them, you may find Phillips, Den Braven, Titus,Marshal, Brummer, Bosch, Addis, Black Jack tools, Jowat, Alcolin, Evo-Stik, Powafix, Franke, and many more.

How to save money at GELMAR

There are many ways to save money at Gelmar. Gelmar tries hard to drive prices down to give customers the best value for their money. Whether you are doing a bit of DIY around your house or you are a private contractor working on major renovations for a client, Gelmar is the place for you.

Who are GELMAR's main competitors across the country?

The company’s main competitors are ACDC Express, Hinterland. Cashbuild, CTM, Agrimark, Builders, Chamberlain, Buco, Timbercity, among many other retailer stores.

How to get exclusive benefits at GELMAR

Gelmar offers special sales and services for online purchases, with their own click & collect service you can order online and collect your order in any Gelmar store near you without waiting in any queue you can also get your order deliver to your door.

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