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Quality craftsmanship: the art of furniture by Lewis

Quality craftsmanship: the art of furniture by Lewis

If you are thinking of renewing the decor of your home and want to change some of the furniture, here's a starting point: look at the trends and choose the ones that suit your style. Where can you find the best in furniture? Choose Lewis in South Africa, the art of furniture and quality craftsmanship.

Furniture with curved lines


It is one of the keys to furniture design that we already saw in 2022 and that continues to be very current. Sofas with curved lines, rounded armchairs, furniture that flees from the straight line to adopt more sinuous designs. Comfort and wellbeing are sought after as opposed to straightness and exigency. The aim is to create pleasant environments capable of transmitting a sense of comfort and in which we feel completely happy. Our home, today more than ever, is our refuge.

Natural fibers


This is another trend that continues to hit hard in 2024: furniture made of plant fibers such as rattan, wicker or bamboo enter the home to become an important point of decoration. Not only are they beautiful and decorative, but they are also sustainable materials, something that is of great importance at the moment in countries such as South Africa. Take advantage of the naturalness that these types of pieces bring and enjoy them throughout the house and in all its versions: headboards, chairs and armchairs, stools, side tables, etc.

The bouclé fabric


This is a thick fabric with a weave of small knots and a curly stitch that gives it a unique texture. It arrived in force to star in upholstered furniture in 2024, bringing softness, comfort and a touch of glamour, in the style of the iconic Chanel jackets that made bouclé fabric fashionable decades ago. In terms of upholstery, bouclé is elegant, warm and comfortable. It is also a versatile option that adapts to any style.

Vintage furniture


This is another of the decorative trends of 2024. A revival of the preference for vintage style furniture. It has a lot to do with sustainability and the fact of wanting to recover all those everyday elements that can be reused, but also with the taste for the good designs of the past. Choosing a piece of furniture of quality and vintage design and adapting it to today's environments is one of the trends of the moment.

Marble furniture


Another material that triumphs today in terms of furniture manufacturing is marble, a natural stone perfect for tables or furniture tops. Marble has a great beauty and a touch of elegance, and also establishes a connection with authentic materials. It highlights diversity in texture, veining and color, and boasts a myriad of attractive shades. In addition to using real marble as an integral part of the furniture, other alternatives are also used to achieve the same effect: porcelain tiles, vinyl finishes and other materials that imitate marble.

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