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Checkers vs Shoprite. Which store has the best offers?

Checkers vs Shoprite. Which store has the best offers?

There is a wide range of supermarkets in South Africa. But there are two chains that are the most popular in the country because of their variety of products, promotions and popularity among the local public: Checkers and Shoprite.They have a wide range of products, good prices and tempting seasonal sales. Some prefer Spar.

Although each shopper will choose a specific chain based on taste or loyalty, which store offers the best discounts? It is very important to be attentive to the daily and monthly publications they make so as not to miss any opportunity and to compare prices. After the Christmas and New Year holidays, which generated a lot of spending for the South Africans, be aware of the promotions and offers. Not compromising the budget will be essential to reach the end of the month without debt and with some money to invest on a personal whim.



Checkers offers a wide range of products in its stores including frozen foods, fresh and processed meats, milks and non-dairy products, fresh and frozen seafood, potatoes, fruits and vegetables, bread and cookies, savory snacks, candy, coffee, beer, wine, soft drinks, pet food, appliances and cereals, and much more. At Checkers you can always save more. Sign up for exclusive benefits with Checkers “Xtra Savings Program”. Enjoy instant savings on your purchases, personalized offers every time you scroll to their website and save up to 25% on select groceries. Don't forget to also check out their current promotions and sale offers to find the lowest priced items. If you sign up on their website, you will receive promotional product alerts and be able to track your savings with digital cash receipts. Every week, Checkers offers numerous promotions for food and non-food products. It also has food deals and discounts on cleaning products and home accessories, gardening tools and DIY items.



At Shoprite the options are also varied. You will find everything at the best price: fruits and vegetables, snacks, sweets, fresh food, DIY and gift items, pet food, plants, coffee and tea, small appliances, party products, toiletries, garden tools, clothing, and many more. Shoprite offers special weekly promotions that make shopping at this supermarket even cheaper than usual. In addition, Shoprite customers can take advantage of many exclusive in-branch benefits. Subscribe now to the Shoprite newsletter and don't miss out on more offers. You will receive the latest news and promotions directly in your inbox. If you browse their website, you will find amazing promotions on selected products. A plus? It has a section with additional savings to make your shopping easier. You can access exclusive discounts for cash payment and enjoy the offers that are already a trademark of the company.

Flyers 365 brings you all the discount catalogs of the main supermarkets in South Africa. Take the opportunity to browse through each of them and look for the best deals. If you start controlling your expenses, you will be able to balance your finances better. Go for it!


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