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Renew the look of your room

Renew the look of your room

It often happens in South Africa that we walk into our room and find it boring. It can happen that, after several years of living there, we think that our room needs a change. That's why we've written these tips to help you make the process of renovating your room a whole new space.

Change the colour of a wall

It's time to introduce some colour into your room. Head to a paint shop in South Africa and choose a shade you like. If you're looking to attract a lot of attention, colours like orange or red will really make a statement. If, on the other hand, you want a colour that goes with the surroundings, you can choose from dark blues, purples or opaque shades. Don't overdo it, just one wall will be enough to give your room a new look.

Place shelves with decorative items

Use the walls to display items that add personality to your space. You can choose to buy small shelves from a retail shop to hang some of them and place picture frames, candles or other decorative items on them. Another good idea is to hang paintings that will add a particular style to your décor. There are sets of small pictures with abstract or nature content that will help turn a dull wall into a stylish one.

Introduce plants

There's nothing better than filling your room with greenery and life. If you have placed a shelf, you can put a hanging plant there so that the leaves give volume to the wall. You can also place a monstera or elephant's ear to draw attention and focus the eye. Plants are good for drawing attention away from the clutter. Another great idea is to incorporate succulents or cacti into bedside tables or desks.

Revolutionise the backrest

If you don't have a backrest for your bed, a good option is to use that space to add colour and texture to your room. You can buy traditional backrests that copy the style of the bed from a furniture shop or make your own from wood or textiles. You can also paint the wall to simulate a backrest or put up a shelf to frame the bed space.

Innovate with lighting

Do you have just a boring lamp on the ceiling? It's time to add more light to your room. You can buy some Nordic lamps from a South African shop and add warm light for a lower wattage option. Also, another great idea is to hang garlands of lamps that can easily be attached to the wall and bring a relaxed atmosphere to your room.


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