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Improve your weekly diet with these tips

Improve your weekly diet with these tips

Tired of always eating the same thing, always saying you're going to start your diet on Monday? In South Africa, thousands of people are looking for ways to eat better and have healthier habits. That's why we want to summarise some tips for you to consider when planning your weekly diet.

Cooking over buying ready-made

It is essential that this is one of the clearest rules you have. It is very tempting to order food through an app or to buy pre-cooked food from supermarkets in South Africa. However, it is dangerous for our diet to be based on fast food or bought-in food. That's why you need to be able to take the time to cook as you can buy the products that you like and look good, use healthy cooking methods and enjoy dishes that you make yourself. There is nothing better than knowing what we eat and how we eat it.

Cut down on ultra-processed foods

One key to eating better is to put ultra-processed foods on hold. To do this, it is important to check the labels on the products you buy when you go shopping in a South African supermarket. Many of the foods we select contain ultra-processed ingredients that do not nourish or benefit our bodies. The more real and natural food you buy, the better you will be able to put together your weekly diet.

Watch out for snacking

Avoid temptation! Many times we feel hungry and instead of cooking or eating something nutritious we grab a few snacks from the supermarket and calm down. This habit is very harmful and compromises our nutrition. A good start is to swap these saturated fat snacks for healthier ones such as vegetables or dips made from real foods like hummus or baba ganoush. Although it's best to wait and cook dinner so you don't leave time for temptation.

Vary your meals

Following on from the tips, diversity of produce and foods in your diet is a must. When you go to a supermarket or food shop in South Africa try to shop for a variety of vegetables, meats and pulses. There are many options for mixing proteins and carbohydrates for a better diet. If you don't know what to eat, we always recommend that you visit a nutritionist for guidance and a diet to suit you.

Don't forget to hydrate

Last but not least, always stay hydrated. Drinking 2 litres of water a day is ideal. We know that we often forget, but the more hydrated we are, the better our body will be. You should also watch out for excess alcohol, which doesn't mean that you should stop drinking it.


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