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Tips to save on Christmas meals

Tips to save on Christmas meals

Worried about spending too much this Christmas? Here are some tips on how to save money this holiday season. It may seem unbelievable, but it is possible to reduce expenses even if you have to receive guests in your home on the night of December 24.

At Christmas we usually invest much more money than usual in products, gifts, decoration and, above all, food. Meals are one of the great protagonists and temptations of the date, as they become the perfect excuse to get together with family and friends.

In some stores in South Africa such as Spar, Shoprite, Boxer, Check Save and Makro you can find a wide variety of products with a very good price-quality ratio.

Get a head start on your shopping


It's best to shop before the week before Christmas, when prices tend to soar, and do it in stages rather than in a single purchase so that your wallet suffers less.

Buy the fish, seafood and meats you want to eat this holiday season and freeze them, whole or in portions, until you are ready to use them. Look for 2-for-1 or 3-for-2 offers and go for private labels and seasonal products that can make your basket cheaper.

Define your budget


It's all about staying within your budget and not buying things you don't need for dinner, so you avoid spending more money than you had planned.

Make a list with all the ingredients and their quantities to elaborate the Christmas dinner menu, including drinks and possible extras such as nougat or polvorones. If you want to save even more money, instead of buying them you can make them yourself.

Plan the menu


You should start by knowing the number of guests and plan a closed menu to avoid unnecessary purchases at the supermarket. When choosing the Christmas recipes that you will enjoy those days, go for economic alternatives or typical dishes.

Do you dare to try stuffed chicken or baked pork leg instead of turkey or lamb? And change sea bream or hake for grouper or monkfish? You can also do without or shorten the appetizers. For example, go for an easy and tasty three-course Christmas menu.

Buy white brands


Another way to save at Christmas is to buy private label products. They are almost always made in the same place and with the same ingredients as their well-known counterparts, so you'll get the same quality at a lower price. grape jam or a chestnut flan. Sharing costs Another good idea to save when gathering family and friends around the table at Christmas is for each person to contribute something: a bottle of wine or cava, dessert, liqueurs. This will reduce the expense for the host.

And don't forget to take advantage of leftovers. For example, with the sirloin steak you can make cannelloni or, if you have leftover turkey, try to reuse it in a delicious sandwich.

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