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Everything you need to know before buying a cheap smartphone

Everything you need to know before buying a cheap smartphone

The smartphone is necessary for work, keeping in touch with family and friends, keeping an agenda, organizing the day, using maps, checking the news or listening to music on public transportation, among many other functions. That is why it is necessary to be clear about a number of issues when buying a new one so as not to spend your entire budget. In the big stores in South Africa such as Vodacom, Chatz, Game and Cell C you can find a wide variety of cell phones at bargain prices.

Shape, size and design


You're going to be using your new phone a lot, so make sure that even if it's cheap you like it and it's comfortable. Compact and sturdy phones, sleek metal and colorful plastic look and feel very different from each other. Big screens are great for surfing the web, watching videos or playing a lot of games, but smaller screens tend to be cheaper and may be more comfortable and useful.

The operating system


iOS or Android? Each operating system comes with unique advantages, but also with its problems. In general, here's what the experts say:

  • iOS has excellent connectivity and can sync with iPod, iPad or Mac seamlessly.
  • Android, on the other hand, is super customizable, but looks a little different on each phone and depends on the customization layer offered by the manufacturer. The iPhone cell phones, with iOS operating system, and the Samsung cell phones, with Android, are usually among the most expensive devices on the market. But you can also find low-cost versions of these devices that fight hand in hand for the top sales position.



It is recommended at least that the equipment has a 4,000 mAh battery. You also need to know if it supports fast charging, which is something that will prevent a lot of unpleasantness, especially in emergency situations. Another factor to consider is whether it is possible to charge the battery wirelessly or also to know if it uses the Qi standard.

Storage capacity


Internal storage is used to store apps, messages, photos/files and can often be expanded with an SD card. A dense and space-intensive application can take up more than 1 GB quite easily, so keep in mind that the more space, the more range of use.

The camera


Most smartphones come with cameras, but they can vary quite a bit. Some are akin to using a DSLR camera, while others have great front-facing cameras for select calls or video calls. Others just have a simple point-and-shoot camera on the back that doesn't do anything special. All these things are what you need to check to make your final decision. And remember that a very cheap smartphone can save a lot of money, but it can be a bad investment if it doesn't have everything you need.

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