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Expectant moms' haven: discover Baby City

Expectant moms' haven: discover Baby City

One of the most important issues to consider when you are a first-time parent is the safety of the baby. In fact, it is difficult for new parents to control their children in one of the most restless stages of their lives.

How to prepare for a baby? We are going to help you to make sure your home is properly conditioned and baby-proofed. Discover Baby City, expectant moms' haven in South Africa.

You can buy products from the crib to the playmat. Navigate the wonderful world of this children's chain and you'll be amazed at what you can find.



These are devices with which you can keep an eye on your baby at night or at any time of the day when you leave him in his room. In the past they were similar to walkie-talkies, but nowadays most of these baby monitors also have a video function, so in addition to listening to the baby you can also see him.

The monitor will help you feel calm and rest better. They are the most advisable systems for those who have decided that the child should sleep in his room for a better privacy from his parents.



This device is designed to help babies who are not yet able to walk to walk around your home safely. After successfully overcoming the intensive care stage you dedicated to your newborn, you now have a curious toddler in diapers who spends his days sniffing around the house and making you constantly alert.

Toilet lock


This is a universally adjustable lock that easily fits any toilet. The fastener includes an extra set of paddles so that once the toilet lid is closed, it stays that way no matter how much force the baby applies.

It's a baby- and pet-proof accessory, so you'll never have to worry about your kids getting hurt again. To activate the lock, simply press the lock button while holding and turning the lock slightly.

Safety gate


An easy-to-install gate that can be adapted to block access to stairways and rooms with an entrance between 29 and 38 inches wide. It is a sturdy 30-inch high structure that includes an extension kit to add an additional 6 inches of width.

It is an ideal accessory for placement in doorways, hallways and at the bottom of stairs. The frame is designed with durable steel yet is lightweight. This makes it very convenient to assemble and disassemble.

Bicycle without pedals


The bike without pedals helps the child to easily acquire the balance needed to ride on two wheels, facilitating the subsequent transition to a traditional bicycle. This early childhood bike stimulates self-confidence and independence in your little children. The saddle is non-slip and the handlebars are made of rubber.

Flyers 365 brings you the most varied catalogs of your favorite toy stores in South Africa. From crib to playmat, you can choose from a wide range of essential products and toys. Baby City is a real heaven for mothers!


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