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5 affordable and original Valentine's Day gifts

5 affordable and original Valentine's Day gifts

Valentine's Day is getting closer and there are many options to give your partner a gift without spending too much. You have to choose the gift thinking about the person you love and not on the price. That it is original, that it has a meaning for your special person and that it represents you as a couple are the pillars of a Valentine's Day gift. For many people it will be a day like any other next February 14, but others will take their time to choose the perfect gift and spend a special day together with their partners. If you are still undecided about what to buy, here is a list of original gifts.



A perfume is always a good gift. Of course you will have to be sure which is your partner's favorite fragrance. Perfume is a very personal item: there are fruity fragrances, floral fragrances or a mixture of both. At Avon you can find a wide variety of fragrances, many of which have been on the market for years and are familiar to most South Africans.



A versatile garment that cannot be missing in our closet is the jean. In 2023, wide jeans, an iconic piece from the ‘70s, are back on trend. You can dazzle at a party if you combine them with shoes and a corset. It isn’t a classic gift, but an original one for Valentine's Day. From the classic straight cut jeans to the most innovative there are dozens of options to choose. In Ackermans you will find all kinds of jeans and very different prices. There are white jeans, ideal for summer, for R119 and bell leg jeans for R199.



For work, going out for a drink or going to a party. A bag is an excellent gift for both: him and her. Men prefer backpacks because they are more practical for carrying their computer or for the gym. Women prefer medium sized bags, easy to carry and with storage space. At Mango there are inexpensive bags for R299 and others, with modern style, for R1199.



If you have a partner who loves sports, you'll find the perfect gift at Adidas. Depending on the activity he or she does, there is a wide variety of sneakers. Adidas stands out for its quality and for being one of the most important footwear brands in the world. Shopping here nothing could go wrong.



Jewelry has long ceased to be a gift exclusively for women. Men choose to wear rings, bracelets or earrings to complete their looks and can be an original gift to surprise your partner on Valentine's Day. If you stop by Honey, you will find all kinds of jewelry and you can even complete the gift with some other fashion accessory.

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