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Midas Magic: transforming your ride with top-quality auto parts

Midas Magic: transforming your ride with top-quality auto parts

Although winter is not as harsh in South Africa, snow has come to cover cities as populous as Johannesburg. If you're already preparing your next winter trip to the mountains because you're a fan of the cold, there are a few things to keep in mind. Your car will thank you and will even look like a real snowmobile with the top-quality parts from Midas Magic. It is one of the most recognized stores in the country for spare parts and accessories for your car, motorcycle or bicycle. Check your vehicle before leaving on a trip: the oil level, coolant level, windshield washer fluid and brake fluid. To ensure the safety of your car it is also key to check mirrors, beacons, tires and defroster. In addition, you should always have your documents and those of your family with you. Get ready for the road!

Snow chains


When temperatures drop and snow blankets the roads, it's critical to ensure safe driving. This is where snow chains and snow socks come into play. At Midas Magic they offer a wide range of high quality products from the most trusted brands on the market. For those looking for affordable options without compromising safety, the Otokit brand offers a range of quality snow chains at competitive prices. You can count on Otokit to help you stay safe on the road in winter.

Ice covers


If your car has to stay outside because you have nowhere to store it, the ideal thing to do is to cover it with an anti-ice cover. It will prevent the vehicle from freezing and the next day you will be able to continue your trip without any inconvenience. At Midas Magic there are anti-ice covers of various brands and sizes. It will depend on the length and width of your vehicle to choose the one that best fits. And if you prefer to make the expense at once, there are protective covers for summer and winter.



Large, small or medium? 15 items or more than 35? With or without wheels? These are some of the questions we ask ourselves when we want to choose a complete toolbox. When we make the purchase we have to think about how many times we are going to use a certain type of tool. Based on that we will delimit whether it will be necessary to have a high quality, intermediate or low quality one. At Midas Magic there are cases of up to 100 pieces with screwdrivers, wrenches and pliers.

Animal repellent


Scent cleaning foams, anti-mart spray or rodent repellent can be found at Midas Magic. If you are one of those people who are afraid of insects or mammals on the road, it is better to be prepared.

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