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How K Carrim is shaping the future of construction retail

How K Carrim is shaping the future of construction retail

K Carrim is a South African hardware and building materials retailer. The company grew over the years and shaped the construction trade. The group, which today operates four stores in the country, was founded in 1964 by Ebrahim Carrim and initially carried the name KE Bazaar Builders Meccasituada. During its transformation, the company acquired several businesses. And in the year 2000, K. Carrim Holdings was formed, which became the investment arm of the group. K Carrim has diversified and expanded to include retail and wholesale and has established manufacturing businesses specializing in doors, ceiling beams and steel wire nails. The firm's success is based on maintaining a business model with a solid foundation in establishing high caliber employees, performing at optimal levels and creating an environment that generates innovation and positive thinking. The company sells and distributes a large selection of branded products including Soudal, Ingco and Flash Harry, among others.

The pillars of K Carrim's business

Wholesale hardware


Offering wholesale construction hardware, tile and sanitary ware, ensuring that customers receive the best quality products at the lowest possible price. With this in mind, they have taken the step to source products from all over the world to be able to offer the customer and contractor the best possible price and designs combined with the latest innovative ideas to meet their specialized requirements and needs.

Mecca for builders


K Carrim buys wholesale to supply its own construction and real estate development division. It allows us to offer the best prices on hardware and building materials to DIY enthusiasts, tradesmen and contractors of any size. They also have board cutting, glass cutting, staining and paint mixing and credit facilities on site.

Tiles and sanitary ware


Provides an interior design service spearheaded by a distinguished team of decorators. The staff's experienced and trained eye for aesthetics, combined with personalized assistance, sets the stage for a level of service excellence. It is a leader in sophisticated and stylish bathroom design, offering a wide range of imported products for your unique tastes, including faucets, tile and sanitary ware. K Carrim Exclusive Design Studio keeps abreast of trends in décor and fashion by attending various design and product conventions around the world. They have designer showrooms for their 3D conceptual bathroom designs at Atterbury Décor Center and Pretoria Central Branches.



K Carrim Residential Properties, a subsidiary of K Carrim Holdings, has been designing and building a large number of high quality residential properties for rent and purchase. They use K Carrim Property Development to develop properties for long-term investment purposes. At K Carrim Residential Properties, they combine the experience and foresight of their visionary architects with the skills of construction contractors to create not just a building, but a home where families feel welcome.

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