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Expert tips to save money at the supermarket

Expert tips to save money at the supermarket

Going to the supermarket can be a headache. If you don't plan your shopping well, you run the risk of taking unnecessary products and seriously compromising your budget. In South African stores like Shoprite, Spar, Boxer, Makro and Checkers you can find great discounts to make your money go further. If you follow these tips, you'll add up some pocket-friendly tools and be able to save a lot more during the month.

Make a shopping list


People who don't make a list of what they need to buy often end up forgetting what was essential and buying any kind of product instead. Also, setting a rough weekly budget can help to get a basic sense of how much to spend and thus avoid going too far over the planned limit. An alternative is the online list method. In this case what we will do is create a series of pre-determined lists on the online page of the cheapest supermarket. This can be one for each week of the month for the purchase of perishable foods and another for cleaning products that are not needed on a weekly basis.

Shop by price and not by brand


A classic mistake is to avoid lesser-known brands because they are considered to be of lower quality. However, it is important to keep in mind that there are products that are not as well known but are just as good as those of the leading brands. You just have to know how to choose. Occasionally resorting to these products is a good way to save on the shopping cart, as their prices are usually considerably lower.

Go to different supermarkets


It is key to visit different branches and companies as prices can vary significantly. It is also important to know the days and places where discounts and promotions are offered to take advantage of the benefits and thus pay less.

Buy what you need


It is necessary to select in the supermarket the amount of products we need and avoid buying in excess in case the price goes up. As a result of this action, many times we end up buying too much in items that we are not going to consume and then end up throwing them away.

Take advantage of seasonal products


When it comes to consuming fresh products, seasonal products will always be cheaper. It is true that everyone likes to eat their favorite fruits and vegetables at any time of the year, but doing it in season is not only cheaper, but also more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Join loyalty programs


Many supermarkets have loyalty programs through which you can accumulate points to get discount checks later. Traditionally, supermarkets gave you a physical card (sometimes one of those that you could carry with your keys), but nowadays many of them work with mobile applications, where you can see how many points you have accumulated and on which products there are offers.

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