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3 things you should know before you buy a sofa

3 things you should know before you buy a sofa

The sofa and the TV make an unbeatable duo. We will throw ourselves on the sofa to watch a game, a movie or to take a nap. That's why we shouldn't make a mistake when buying and there are a few things we need to know so we don't regret it later.

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Good structure


The sofa has a complicated mission: to adapt to the whole family and to all the uses you give it. And these are the three requirements that must be met: a solid wood or metal structure, have a system of straps that hold the cushions and the legs are part of the structure of the sofa.

Good padding


For a sofa to be comfortable, it must be neither soft nor hard: the padding must be of good quality. Today, for example, high-strength foams are used that deform very little. However, as a general rule, the backrest should be softer than the seat.

Viscoelastic foam, springs or HR polyurethane foam, which has high strength and durability and deforms little, are the usual choices. Backrests should be made of feather, high-recovery siliconized hollow fiber or HR foam. It is advisable to change the foam fillings every five or six years to recover the density and not lose comfort.

Another factor that determines the resistance of the sofa is that it should be breathable. And for this, the upholstery is essential. The more breathable it is, the more comfortable it will be. The padding will also be key to breathability. Which is the best? For the seats, goose or duck feather for its comfort.

Sober colors


A white sofa, for example, takes up less space visually and also combines with any color or chromatic range. White is luminous and if it receives sunlight, it reflects it even more. At the same time, it is a tone that reduces the visual weight of the sofa, and even if it is a large model, it will seem smaller.

Another of its virtues is that it allows you to redecorate for very little, since it is a neutral base capable of adapting to any style or season only with the details. Change the colors and fabrics of the cushions, and both the sofa and the living room will look different. White is relaxing to the eye and creates calm spaces.

And finally, a white sofa is cleaner than it looks. It is best to choose a sofa with removable covers and very resistant upholstery, such as cotton or chenille. Thus, in case of any stain, it will be enough to wash the cover and it will be as good as new.

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