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Everything you need to know before buying an affordable mattress

Everything you need to know before buying an affordable mattress

If you are thinking of changing your mattress or buying a new one, there are many chain store alternatives in South Africa to invest in. Of course you need to have some savings because it isn't a cheap item to buy. Although you may think that it is a trivial purchase, the mattress is meant to give you a good night's sleep. If you sleep well, you work well and you will wake up with energy and be very predisposed to start the day. In this guide we are going to tell you everything you need to know before buying an affordable mattress. Remember that at stores like OK Furniture, Bradlows, Beares, House & Home and Decofurn Furniture you can find the best products at the best prices.

Set a budget


Before you start the search for the perfect mattress, you need to define what budget you have to make the purchase. Keep in mind that you spend most of the day in bed and need a good mattress to rest. That is why investing in a good mattress will be the solution to many of your problems, even if you suffer from insomnia. Leave aside the old mattress, sagging and with expired springs, and spend some extra money on a quality one.

Define the size


If you have just moved in, measure the size of the room to know what type of mattress is recommended. There are different sizes: one, one and a half, two, two and a half or king size. For a couple, it is advisable to buy a mattress of two and a half squares. If you suffer from heat and don't want to wake up at dawn glued to your partner, it is definitely the best option. For a teenager, a single mattress will be enough.

Consider the material


Spring mattresses are the softest and high-density foam mattresses are the firmest to sleep on. If you prefer a surface that doesn't sag, the ideal is to choose a foam mattress. Otherwise, opt for a spring mattress.

Evaluate your weight


For overweight people or those who like to toss and turn a lot in bed, a mattress that provides firmness is always recommended. As mentioned in the previous point, choosing a high-density foam mattress would be ideal.

Take advantage of offers and promotions


Make sure you buy your mattress during the sales season. The big stores in South Africa choose special dates such as Cyber Monday or Black Friday to liquidate part of their stock. You will be able to buy a good mattress at an affordable price. Try them out, sit on top, rest for a few seconds and you will know which is the perfect mattress for you or your family.

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