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The best moisturizers for summer in South Africa

The best moisturizers for summer in South Africa

South Africans are very flirtatious, they love to dress up to go out and take care of their skin. They are also consistent with their beauty routines and this allows them to have much silkier skin. Now that summer is here, you need to protect yourself from the sun's rays and buy moisturizers to provide extra nourishment. But you don't need to spend hundreds of rands. Just train your wits a little and patiently browse the country's leading perfumeries to find out which are the best and cheapest creams on the market. If you join us, we'll take a tour of the most famous brands to show you which moisturizers - in our opinion - are the ones you should include in your weekly routine to protect yourself.

Moisturizing cream with vitamin E


Summer is the season when skin dries out the most. To prevent it from cracking and small wounds on your face and hands, a moisturizer with vitamin E is ideal. At Avon you can get the Vitamin E Intense Moisturizing Cream for 450 rands. Among its specifications, this day cream moisturizes the skin for up to 72 hours, contains hyaluronic acid and raspberry seed oil to prevent cracking.

Sleeping mask


For 388 rands you can get at Sh'Zen a premium sleeping mask that exfoliates, smoothes uneven skin and provides a radiant complexion. The enveloping texture of this cream helps to hydrate the skin and keep it beautiful 24 hours a day. It is a unisex product and designed for all skin types. Its formula was created with vegan ingredients.

Facial serum


One of the many products that Justine has on sale these days is an extraordinary facial serum, which incorporates vitamins C and E. For how much? 347 rands. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that helps prevent dullness and early signs of skin aging, and vitamin E helps salicylic acid smooth skin texture and reduce visible pores.

A bonus: aloe vera


If you're a fan of aloe vera, you can incorporate products made from this plant. But if you have aloe vera at home, there's nothing to stop you from experimenting on your own. It is a plant that can be used naturally in the form of soap, shampoo, moisturizers or masks. If you're on a tight budget, ordering some aloe vera from your neighbor is a very cheap option. A facial cleanser is also an excellent recommendation to remove the sweating caused by the oppressive summer heat. Put a small amount of cleanser in your hand, add water and make a paste. Massage over face or body. It is perfect in a routine with other soothing products such as tonic water or facial oil.

Flyers 365 brings you all the catalogs of your favorite skin care brands. The high temperatures are making themselves felt in this South African summer and it is always good to have a moisturizer at hand to avoid burns. Don't let the summer force you to stay indoors. Enjoy taking care of yourself!


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