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Toys R Us is an American international brand with a wide variety of toys, games, electronics and other products exclusively for children. Toys R Us has 47 stores throughout South Africa and several more in the countries of Namibia and Zambia.

What kind of products can I find at TOYS R US?

Toys R Us, the exclusive store for children and babies, has a wide range of toys of all kinds for the little ones, electronics and game consoles for children, educational games for children and babies, musical instruments and a large selection of books of stories and to learn.


Frequently asked questions about TOYS R US

When was TOYS R US created?

Toys R Us was founded in 1957 and its first store was built in April 1948. This international toy brand was established in South Africa in 1996.

What brands can I find at TOYS R US?

Amplify, Audi, Avengers, Anker Games, ABC, Baby Juniors, Barbie, Butterfly, Bayer, Cocomelon, Disney, Dragons, DC Comics, Emoticon, Educa, Fashion Angels, Fisher Price, Games Hub, Gloop, Gold Sun, Hasbro, Hello Kitty, Harry Potter, Hot Wheels, Iglo Books, Infiniti Fun, Lego, Nintendo, PlayDoh, Star Wars, Sony, X-BOX, are among the main brands that can be found at Toys R Us.

How to save money at TOYS R US

Toys R Us offers a variety of discounts on its products, depending on the brand, every week in its stores and on its website. The best deals are usually presented on Christmas Eve, so that customers can access several of them and buy great toys and accessories for children as gifts.

Who are TOYS R US's main competitors across the country?

Toys R Us, is a big toy brand, but it has two main competitors in South Africa: The Toy Factory Shop and Time2play Toys.

How to get exclusive benefits at TOYS R US

In addition to excellent customer service, Toys R Us has online shopping services and gift cards to use in its stores and on its website. This giant company has become over the years the favorite and most beloved of children, where you have access to all its variety of toys and what the little ones need to have fun. It also constantly offers employment opportunities, with staff that train young people for the simple reason of continuing to grow and be unique and succeed, commit to challenge, learning, doing and positivity.

Will TOYS R US have deals on Black Friday?

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Discounts offered by TOYS R US

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