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Olight is a Chinese brand, specializing in the production, marketing and distribution of high-quality flashlights for all the world.

What kind of products can I find at OLIGHT?

Olight sells a big variety of light products, such as flashlights, including LED flashlights, survival lights, tactical flashlights, headlamps, and batteries. All of these articles can be found in the following categories: Camping & Outdoors, Law enforcement & Tactical, Hunting, Batteries & Chargers and Accessories.


Frequently asked questions about OLIGHT

When was OLIGHT created?

Olight was founded as a flashlight brand in 2007 by Fox Fan in Shenzhen, China, where it is headquartered. With the passage of time the company has achieved many recognitions through different attainments. For example, it was the first single led flashlight entered in the world. Another achievement, it was in 2016 when the brand started new company branches in the United States.

Over the years, in 2021, Olight built dedicated online stores in 15 countries while extending its marketing network to over 100 countries and regions globally. One of them was precisely in South Africa where it counts with stores and online web. Beside this, the brand has global certifications and one of them is from Sabs South Africa, to mention one.

What brands can I find at OLIGHT?

Olight offers all of its products under its own brand, so it is the only name that customers can find.

How to save money at OLIGHT

In Olight you can save money by taking advantage of all of its ways published through the O Fan-Club section, where you can register and upgrade the membership level to enjoy more benefits such as free gifts or discounted products, points transfer, permanent free return shipping, exclusive limited-edition zone and a lot more options. Beside this, if you subscribe through your email, you will get a 10% off coupon code for your first order and receive the latest event information.

Who are OLIGHT's main competitors across the country?

Some of Olight´s main competitors in South Africa are NiteCore, Ledlenser, TFX and others.

How to get exclusive benefits at OLIGHT

Olight is the best flashlight brand that offers quality lighting products for everyone, which in turn is driven by global technology, with a team of people dedicated to offering the best for its customers, including the best prices and benefits for them.

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Discounts offered by OLIGHT

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